Shelter, always reminds me home. As some people said, home is your last shelter. Only at home, you’ll feel safe; Only with family, you’ll have no fear. But it is a long way of building up one for yourself. Lots of connections, constructions and deconstruction involve. As I wrote when I featured this film, it reminded me a lot of our current construction work around the house, but I would not feel so satisfied if I had not work so hard for it. You will never find a better place to invest your energy, love and passion on other than your own home and family. 

Not like other 3D animation film, Shelter brought us a lot of free minds, lots of thinking. It could be anything you thought of, or any spirit you had. It is like a open ended exam questions, you will never be wrong or right. It just let you meditate. Let’s do it with this week’s top rated new film on VoteMov, Shelter from Carl Burton. 

And thanks to Carl, we have an email interview with him to share some more background information on Shelter and his future plans. Check out the interview.

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This is a interesting thought of putting together NASA footage with a soliloquy from a dying robot. Never thought of a Sci-fi like this. Telling the story from a outsider, the robot’s point of view.

But personally I’m not really into this graphically. The footage is not as attractive as some VFX and repeat a lot. While the story is good, but it feels like I am listening to a radio or audio book. Film is story plus picture, it won’t be tempting without any of these.

Well refreshing presentation could do a magic to any film, just like Robbie. Votes from viewers shows that we all love new things, and trying new stuff will always get support! And after all it was just a romantic gift for Neil’s girlfriend, I might have taken it too serious. It’s your votes and your opinions the most respective one here on VoteMov. Let’s hear more from you guys!

Our voted best indie film of the week (08-Sep-12 to 15-Sep-12) by Neil Harvey from Sydney, Australia,Robbie.

Afghanistan- touch down in flight. A beautiful short film shows a whole new side of the country and proves me to be so prejudiced. I am touched deeply by this short film with no single line of word. Only the land, the people and the music could turn my 30 year’s prejudice around. It’s a great work and any great piece of creation ought to be, manipulating people’s mind in a good way.

Our voted best indie movie of the week (1st Sep 2012-7th Sep 2012)- Afghanistan touch down in flight by  Augustin Pictures.  


It’s been pretty busy for us recently. Sorry about the delay. Puffer Fish, a short comedy movie written and directed by Brandon Vedder, is the best new Movie submitted between 02/03/2012 and 09/03/2012. It’s also officially selected by Malibu International Film Festival and NewFilmmakers LA. 

Another great short video from Brandon Vedder, “Shangri La-Yacht”. Enjoy! @

D Animations are my favorites! This one is the best I’ve seen recently. Simple story but great animation works. Here is VoteMov’s 4th weekly best new movie, “Monkey Moon” by Center NAD. 

A monkey is casually enjoying his banana in the jungle when he suddenly gets captured and thrown into space.

Created by:
Eric Villeneuve,
Antoine Rouleau,
Emmanuel Gatera

Music By:
Sylvain Martel

Software used: 
Autodesk Softimage 2011 SP1
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe After Effects CS3
The Foundry - Nuke 6.2 

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Established in 1992, the NAD Centre offers a university program: BA in 3D animation and digital design. Want to see more from Center NAD? The Best of 2011 - Centre NAD: le meilleur en effets visuels et jeu vidéo.

Week 3: Nero ‘This Must Be the Feeling’

Music and Car seems viewers most liked theme. No surprise for this week also, VoteMov best new added video is Nero ‘This Must Be the Feeling’ by Warren Fu 

A music video shot on 7D and Red Scarlet, mixing retro car (1972 Pantera De Tomaso) with Sci-Fi story. Haven’t watch it yet? Click here

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Want to see more from Warren? Another great music video from Warren Fu -"THE STROKES - UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS" 

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Time pasts fast, here is our best video on among all videos submitted between 10th Feb 2012 and 17th Feb 2012, The Crows And The Rooks. Personally I feel it quite inspirational, mix the great music with old fashioned shots. If you haven’t watch it yet, the video is here. It’s shot at beautiful Beachy Head, Sussex. Film by Daniel George Burke, music by Odfellow’s Casino. Want to see more from them? Here is another piece of work from the team. 


The First BOTW on Joy Ride by Sandro shot with the Nikon D800. Crystal images made me want one of D800 as soon as possible. 

If you like it, don’t forget to vote. It is the best of the week (03/02—10/02) and also the current best among all of the films submitted. It might be the best of 2012 on VoteMov with your vote!

Want to see how they made the great shots, here is Joy Ride behind the scenes.